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It's the Process

Welcome to SponsorLab

The strategic measurement tool that drives more impactful sponsorship returns

A scorecard and so much more...


About SponsorLab

Whether you are the sponsor, the property, or the agency in-between, your aim is to deliver maximum brand value through the partnership.  SponsorLab offers a simple yet powerful approach to do just that.

Out of the Courtroom

Too often sponsorship measurement feels like a courtroom... and the sponsorship is on trial.  This can create  a FEAR that leads to 'selective' measurement and overly rosy reporting.  This helps no one and can actually make the sponsorship WORSE.

Into the Lab

SponsorLab takes sponsorship measurement out of the courtroom and into the laboratory.  You now measure to assess effectiveness and impact - to find out which levers did and didn't move the needle.  Just like the scientific method, with every sponsorship execution you must learn, adjust and improve.

Conversations are Key

SponsorLab addresses the fear and 'self defence' problem by creating a simple process that drives critical stakeholder conversations at every step of the the way.  More collaboration and shared responsibility.  

No more finger pointing.


What is this sponsorship trying to achieve?


Which objectives take priority?


What does success

look like?


Are some KPI's more significant than others?

Let's talk about it...
Too often the most critical sponsorship conversations never happen...

 The scientific processs in a science lab

It's The Process

Successful sponsorship strategy is about THE PROCESS as much as the calculations.  SponsorLab guides you through each step of the strategic process.


Right order.

Right pace.

No shortcuts.


Whether or not you ever look at your scorecard, your sponsorship will be more successful for having gone through the SponsorLab process. Once you get started you'll know what we mean.



The SponsorLab platform is your own self-guided 'workshop' providing a clear and simple interface with intuitive prompts and output visuals that walk you through the strategic process the right way.

Graphical Dashboard

Visual Analysis


Instant Updates

Step-by-Step Guidance

Multiple Users

Portfolio View
Access Management

One-click Reports

Fear of Measurement

Sponsorship measurement donut chart
Sponsorship measurement bar chart

No Fear

Measuring the ACTUAL performance of a sponsorship can often invoke fear in either the Sponsorship Manager/Team or the activation agency. This stems from the fact that the measurement (or 'scorecard') is wrongly seen as a way to deliver a binary verdict on the competence of those running the sponsorship.  


Unfortunately this often leads to reporting of an artificially rosy view of the sponsorship impact.  The human instinct for self-preservation creates an aversion to bad results.


Science lab beaker

SponsorLab removes that fear by driving collaborative conversations that lead to full stakeholder buy-in and shared responsibility.  This then motivates all parties to seek the TRUTH... which is the only analysis that truly improves performance.

Sponsorship measurement line graph

Taking sponsorship measurement out of the courtroom and into the Lab.

Science lab flask

Who is SponsorLab for?

Science lab

For Brands/Sponsors

Sponsoring brands and organisations are always the ultimate beneficiary of the SponsorLab platform and process.  If you use the tool and follow the system steps and guidance, you'll get even more from your sponsorship investment.


For Agencies

Sponsorship agencies can use SponsorLab to guide their clients through the process of setting and weighting sponsorship objectives and KPIs.  This assures all strategic views are considered, gets all stakeholders on the same page, and leads to a higher quality activation brief.  It crystalises the target you are paid to help them hit.


For Properties /

Rights Holders

Sponsor servicing is key for properties/rights holders to maintain lasting partnerships.  Critical to this service is a true understanding of your partners' objectives and SponsorLab has a modified cost-effective version designed specifically for properties/rightsholders to share with sponsors.  Sponsor Lab gets both parties on the same strategic page and that leads to better results and long-lasting partnerships.


SponsorLab... It's the Process

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